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A Father’s Rights Lawyer Can Help You Through Your Divorce

Fathers Rights lawyer

If you are a father who is going through a divorce or have child custody issues, it is essential that you seek the assistance of a highly skilled Father’s Rights lawyer in Phoenix Arizona. An attorney can help you through court proceedings and help you gather evidence and prepare legal documents to protect your parental rights as a father.

What Is Paternity?

Usually, in a child custody case, a judge will first order a DNA test to determine whether the person who has filed for child custody is actually the biological father of the child. If a DNA test confirms that the person who has filed for child custody is in fact the biological father, then the judge can make various decisions regarding child custody and visitation. These include determining how much support the father will be required to pay, the number of times he can see his child, and other parenting-related matters.

In many cases, a judge will also award the child custody and visitation rights to both parents. This will allow both parties to have a say in the child’s upbringing and ensure that the child gets the best possible care during the divorce process.

What Are Custody and Visitation Rights?

In child custody and visitation matters, courts typically follow outdated societal biases that place mothers over fathers. This is not an accurate assessment of the child’s needs, and it is essential to challenge this bias with an experienced lawyer. A custody and visitation lawyer can help you highlight your strengths as a father and advocate on your behalf when facing a biased judge.

What Does a Father?s Rights Attorney Do?

A fathers rights attorney primarily deals with legal issues related to paternity. These can range from establishing paternity, to pursuing child custody and visitation rights, to defending against an involuntary termination of a father’s rights.

Establishing paternity is crucial to a parent’s rights. It is not a simple matter to obtain the rights of a father, and it requires a lot of paperwork and proof that you are in fact the child’s biological father.

It is important to consult with an attorney before establishing paternity, as they can help you with the correct documentation and evidence under state law. They can also guide you through the process of filing for a paternity petition, which often includes a DNA test.

Depending on the jurisdiction, a paternity test may be established through a preponderance of the evidence (a lower standard), or by a higher standard. It is also possible to challenge the establishment of paternity in court, especially if you feel that your evidence and testimony are weak.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Super Lawyer?

A super lawyer is a top-rated attorney with extensive experience in a specific area of law. These attorneys are selected by a panel of experts in their field, which independently verifies their credentials and qualifications.

They are in good standing with their bar associations and maintain a clean disciplinary record.

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